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Hi, I'm Calli, high school English teacher turned writer & home educator—not the typical resume of someone curating a shop of artisan goods. But see, STORYWEAVER MERCANTILE is about much more than just beautiful products; it’s about stories. 

Real People, Real Stories, Real Lives Being Changed.

And that’s something I’m passionate about. 

Looking back, I now see the threads of STORYWEAVER MERCANTILE being intricately woven into my life.

  • Living amongst the descendants of the ancient Mayas when I was fifteen and admiring the women in the mercado, their hands skillfully working a small loom attached with a leather strap across their hips, their knees raw from hours of kneeling. “Backstrap Weaving” it is called. A stunning art form passed down for generations. 
  • Being raised by a natural entrepreneur—a self-made woman with a talent for building beautiful businesses—and a doctor-father who will always be a medical missionary at heart. Watching both of them, my business-savvy mother and doc-dad, partner with dozens of global organizations and travel the world doing good, and learning from their experiences.
  • Becoming awakened to the plight of human trafficking and indentured servitude while my husband completed an International Relations M.A. in London. He earned the degree, but I certainly received an education that year as I sat privy to discussions and debates amongst his cohort of global activists, international economists, and future foreign service officers.
  • Teaching refugees while living in London, then later teaching a non-western curriculum at an all-girl school that emphasized global female empowerment.
  • Discovering minimalist fashion and becoming more aware of rising consumer consciousness through my fabulous “un-fancy” blogging sister-in-law. 

All seemingly unrelated threads of my life now forming a pattern and purpose. 

My vision for STORYWEAVER MERCANTILE is to partner with organizations who are actively making an impact in the world and to bring together in one marketplace their best products. Each handmade item showcased was uniquely selected by myself and a team of style consultants; we hope you are as delighted with our selections as we are!

But most importantly, I want to share our partners’ stories and to spread the knowledge of the amazing work they are doing to bring justice, mercy, and hope to some of the most marginalized people in the world. It's so exciting to be able to join our stories with theirs. 

Because I believe that together, we are #weavinghope!

~ Calli


p.s. If you'd like to hear more of my story, check out my podcast interview with Cohesive Home.